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I am a FREE


We have now come to my pages that show you what we did.

We can still do the odd job on your van, but have no work shop.

Give me a call

The Gallery will show you
some of the work that we
have carried out. This Camper on the screen is the last one I have built.    Finishing it 01/10/2017
but self build campers are never finished

Just give me a call if you have any question you may have. I will be too happy to help you along the way with of you building your own.

I have items FOR SALE

For Sale

I am now a FREE

I go were I want to

When I want to..


My story is, that I have now closed Leominster Camper Services due to my illness. I now hibernate in the winter and Travel around our beautiful country in the summer for as long as I can..
I still tinker and help others to do the same…
I travel all over and make YouTube video’s on the way….?  .
I’m no good at that..


With AGE comes Knowledge

And I’m willing to share it.

I started this project January 2017..

Van started off as I was delivering cars inside of it and made furniture that folded up into the walls. This worked well enough for me, as I was paid to deliver cars, then I would stop and camp in that area.  But as always, good things come to an end.. So I could not find anything ells to do with the van, I turned it into a camper..

AS ALL SELF BUILD CAMPERS.?? The job is never finished, as you can see, as and when I can afford it, I add to it.


MY YouTube

My Chanel.